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Three Free Ways to Promote Your Computer Company

Three Free Ways to Promote Your Computer CompanyPromoting and marketing your computer company needn’t be expensive. While various types of advertising have a price tag attached, there are ways to attract attention to your business that need cost nothing but your time. Here are three of them.

  1. Article marketing. If you are a competent writer (or have one at your disposal) you can write engaging articles related to the world of IT and offer them as guest blog posts or even as content for local or specialist publications. As part of the deal you will usually be able to provide a short bio of your computer company along with your web link(s) and/or contact details.

  2. Social media. Having an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allows you to stay in constant contact with your current and future customers and (unless you are paying for targeted advertising) costs you nothing. Most companies now use social media as an integral part of their marketing strategy, so it’s worth considering what more you can do in this area.

  3. Referrals. Your existing clients are a potentially rich source of new leads, therefore you should always encourage them to introduce friends and business associates. You may choose to offer a small incentive (perhaps a discount on their next invoice), or simply make an informal request when you’re next having a friendly conversation.


Do you employ any of the methods above to attract customers to your computer company? Share your tactics in the Comments box below


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