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Why Computer Consulting Services Need an Inbound Mindset

ABCs Inbound MarketingUp until a few years ago, most computer consulting services could be pretty old-school and laid-back about their marketing campaigns. Throw an ad in the phone book. Join the chamber of commerce. Put up a static brochure website. Maybe ask for a few word of mouth referrals from happy clients.

Life was good. But then it all changed, largely because of the explosive growth in mobile computing and social media, even among aging baby boomers! (Note: It’s not just millennials forcing this massive change).

The Old Marketing Playbook Won’t Cut It Anymore

Today, B2B decision makers seek out IT services in completely different ways. Most sales cycles now start with a search engine query or a post to a social media network. Long gone are the days where obnoxious salespeople act as gatekeepers, controlling information.

Now more empowered than ever, those in the market for computer consulting services are fed up with interruption-based marketing. Your leads and clients got sick and tired of over-the-top me/me/me feature-obsessed institutional marketing a while ago. You probably just didn’t notice.

  • Considering direct mail? Decision makers are completely desensitized and their gatekeepers are trained to toss these out with world class efficiency.

  • Want to rent a list for an e-mail blast? You’ll never consistently make it to the inbox and your domain name will get completely blacklisted (or worse!).

  • What about cold calling? Seriously? Are you freaking kidding me?

To reach B2B decision makers, owners and managers of computer consulting services now need to think more like educators or publishers. After all, with 57% of the typical B2B sales cycle over before most contact any vendor (Source: CEB), if your website isn’t found in that initial search, your company’s pretty much toast.

Is Your Company Prepared to Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight?

With an inbound mindset, instead of you chasing after prospects, interrupting them at every turn, and begging for 90 seconds of their time, leads come to you. Why? Because you’ve offered a solution to the problems that they have…and are actively seeking a solution for.

It’s all about attracting the right decision makers, from the right places, at the right time.

Then, add in even more content and context to pull these decision makers into and through your sales funnel.

SP Home Run is now an agency partner of HubSpot, a VC-backed pioneer and leader in inbound marketing software.

As part of that relationship and our commitment to raising awareness of the value of inbound marketing, SP Home Run engages in a number of collaborative efforts.

The Essential ABC’s of Inbound Marketing

I was recently asked to contribute to a HubSpot eBook on the ABC’s of Inbound Marketing, a first-of-its-kind content collaboration between 26 different marketing professionals from HubSpot-focused inbound marketing agencies like SP Home Run.

The eBook is organized into 26 different short strategies, each representing a different letter of the alphabet. I personally contributed the letter “U” for Universal Search, which you can find on page 26.


Which old-school marketing channels does your company still successfully utilize? Are the results just as strong as ever, or starting to show signs of decline? Please share your thoughts in the Comments section below.


And to follow through on the ideas introduced in this post, so you can adopt a more inbound-focused mindset toward how you market your computer consulting services, be sure to download the free eBook on the ABC’s of Inbound Marketing.