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Investing in a Computer Franchise: 3 Figures You Must Know

Investing in a Computer Franchise 3 Figures You Must KnowAre you thinking about investing in a computer franchise? It’s obviously a significant business decision to make, so you need to ensure you’re in possession of all the relevant facts and figures.

This article lays out three of the figures you MUST be aware of before you invest in a computer franchise.

  1. The initial investment cost. The initial investment cost is usually the “headline price” given when you begin to explore a computer franchise opportunity. This is the sum of money you need to establish your own franchise operation. However, this is often not the only cost involved…

  2. Capital requirements. Many franchise operators insist you have a certain amount of working capital available to establish your new business. This is to cover costs that may include premises, vehicles and advertising costs. You must be aware of this figure to ensure you have the cash flow to carry you through the early days.

  3. Ongoing fees. Many franchise operators require you to continue to pay ongoing franchise fees, usually on a monthly or annual basis. These are to cover the use of the brand and access to the franchise operator’s facilities.


As you can see from the above, the headline “franchise fee” may only be the start of the money you need to get a franchise going. So always make sure you clarify these three numbers in detail.


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