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Is Your IT Consulting Website Optimized? 3 Ways to Tell

Is Your IT Consulting Website Optimized 3 Ways to TellIn order to optimize your IT consulting website, you first have to understand to whom you are marketing and selling your services. You can create examples of real buyers who would be interested in the IT consulting services you offer. These are your buyer personas.

Next, you have to build a website that speaks to your buyer personas, and at the same time, to search engines. You want to create the best user experience for your website visitors.

This article will show you three easy tips for optimizing your IT consulting website:

Develop Your Buyer Personas

So the first step to optimizing your website is to develop your buyer personas. Reach out to some of your prospects and customers. Conduct some interviews to understand what drives your target audience. Your existing customers should be the easiest group to reach out to – and you may not even have to bribe them for their time!

Choose to interview a couple of prospects. These would be people that have shown interest in your company, but have not yet done business with you. Make sure whoever you’re talking to understands that you’re not calling to sell them anything. You’re just looking for feedback. And their feedback is extremely valuable to you. Use incentives, like gift cards, if necessary.

Finally put together 10 to 20 interview questions to start gathering your data. HubSpot has a great blog post with some guidelines on questions to ask during persona interviews

Optimize Your Pages with Keywords

Once you’ve completed your buyer persona research, gear your website towards what they are looking for. How do you know this? It all comes from the information you’ve gleaned during your interviews.

Make sure to optimize your pages for keywords that are searched for by your buyer personas. It would be best if these were quality, long-tail keywords. Make sure to use a proper page title, which is also keyword optimized. You don’t want the page title on your home page to be “home”. Include a descriptive, keyword optimized meta description to draw visitors into your website from search engines. Ask a question, maybe something compelling to get their attention.

And it goes without saying, content is key. It can’t be crappy, keyword-stuffed content from ten years ago. Create good content and provide your website visitors with valuable information on the topic at hand. You want them to stay on your site to read the full article. And then maybe even click on another article of interest.

Create a User-Friendly Website Experience

Your website design should be simple. Color schemes should be consistent with your branding or logo designs. The colors should also be easy on the eyes for a continued stay on your site. Include lots of white space to break up sections.

The navigation should be easy to understand. You don’t want to confuse your visitors. They should not be asking themselves, “Where do I go next?” The content should bring them to a logical next step – a call to action or CTA. Just as you’ll see at the end of my article here!

Make sure to optimize your site not only for search engines, but also for your site visitors. And once your visitors arrive at your site, you want to be sure that they stay as long as possible. So a nice design that’s easy to read with interesting and engaging content will do the job! But before you do any of this, make sure you define your buyer personas.


Do you have any other tips for optimizing your IT consulting website? Please share them in the Comments section below.


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