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3 VAR Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

3 VAR Marketing Mistakes to AvoidEver wonder why some companies start out with a bang and disappear into the abyss, while others use brilliant VAR marketing to churn out bestsellers even in the most difficult of economic times? In this short post, we’ll look at 3 of the biggest VAR marketing mistakes to avoid.

Regardless of how fantastic your value-added services are, unless you have a solid marketing plan in place, these services will not reach their true sales potential. Just as you need to activate the best marketing strategies, you will also want to avoid some of the biggest mistakes and pitfalls:

  1. Being stuck in a rut with your marketing strategies. With the rapid evolution of marketing tools and techniques in the electronic media world, the manner in which to effectively reach your target audience should be consistently refined and redefined accordingly. The abundant opportunities that exist will be lost unless you take full advantage of the current tools, practices, and networks that are at your disposal.

  2. Failing to recognize the talents that surround you. As the saying goes: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In our inter-networked world today, no entity can survive and thrive in a vacuum. Organizations have to engage the diversity of talents that exist within and without in order to flourish. Similarly, it works to your advantage to capitalize on rich media resources to grow your name and expand the marketability of your business.

  3. Missing the bigger picture and focusing merely on the products. Do more than mere one-off product sales. Build relationships instead by consistently and constructively engaging with your qualified prospects. Present them with customizable propositions that are consistent with their needs and offer win-win synergies that extend and translate into the long-term success of your mutual business relationships.

In this post, we looked at three really big, common VAR marketing mistakes that you need to avoid. Sometimes, the most successful marketing plans begin by taking some campaigns off the table, so you can focus on those campaigns with the greatest chances of achieving success with your measurable goals.

What’s in your VAR marketing plans for this quarter? What’s worked best for your company in the past? Please share your thoughts in the Comments below.

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