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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - November 2, 2011

SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - November 2, 2011SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter

November 2, 2011


10 Tips on Selling IT Solutions for Much Higher Hourly Rates

(Video Tutorial) When you're selling IT to small business clients, do you have an easy time or a difficult time establishing your value proposition? And is it easy or difficult to command higher hourly billing rates? In this tutorial, you'll learn 10 ways to improve your marketing and sales process, so that you're selling to much better clients, with a lot less sales resistance, and for much higher, premium hourly billing rates. If any of these struggles sound familiar, you need to watch this tutorial now. (And be sure to share your feedback at the end.)
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Computer Certifications and the Art of Self-Study

Many popular certifications can be obtained via self-study and independent preparation. This can be a credible alternative to professionally taught, instructor-led courses from either the exam provider or a partner. Learn about the benefits, how to setup the ideal study environment, and how to plan your self-study calendar.
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3 Local Websites to Register with When Starting a Computer Business

Regardless of whether you're just starting out, or you just feel like you're getting started, you still need to attract clients. But not just any clients...local small business clients. Learn how to get your website found, and make the right first impression, on 3 really important local websites.
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Live or Die by IT Service Level Agreements

Do you get evaluated based on your IT service level agreements? Learn what basic SLAs should include, what they cover, and how to track compliance.
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3 VAR Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Do you own or manage a VAR? If so, how are your marketing results? Learn about three common mistakes, so you can refocus your plans on more promising campaigns.
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HP Decides to Stay in the PC Business

This past Thursday, HP shocked the IT channel industry when it decided it's staying in the PC business.
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