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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - November 9, 2011

SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - November 9, 2011SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter

November 9, 2011


IT Support Companies: Here’s What Your SMB Clients REALLY Want

For many IT support companies, trying to guess what your small business clients actually want, let alone need, is like trying to assemble a winning Fantasy Baseball team. You think you have all the answers, until a team like the St. Louis Cardinals defies all odds to make it to the postseason and overcomes a tremendously-talented Texas Rangers roster. So what do small businesses actually want from their IT support companies? Read the Post...

Selling IT Solutions? 3 Ways to Get Past Voice Mail and Caller ID

Build your websites, blast emails, seduce the search engines, mingle in social media, do anything it takes to drive traffic when selling IT solutions. That’s advice the experts all agree upon. Yet, there could come a time when you can't wait for site visitors to buy or leads to show up -- you have to make something happen. Here's what to do. Read the Post...

How Small Business IT Audit Specialists Website Nails Niche Marketing

Most small IT companies usually try to be all things to all people, mistakenly believing that "small business" is a niche. However, when your company's marketing looks just like every other IT company's marketing, it's tough to stand out, let alone command top rates. Learn about two small companies who've quietly put together a very simple and powerful, but very different website. Read the Post...

6 IT Support Contract Tips for Coping with RFPs

IT support contracts are often awarded as a result of a Request for Proposal. Decoding the RFP is important to succeeding at winning the contract. In this post, we'll look at six questions that you should be asking every time you come across an RFP that you didn't have the luxury of writing yourself. Read the Post...

Setting Your Computer Consulting Rates? Size Up the Competition

Many small businesses’ IT companies make bad decisions when setting their computer consulting rates, mainly because they don't size up the competition. It is critical to understand the competition to make sure not only that pricing is competitive, but also that revenue is being maximized. Read the Post...

Technical Support Contracts: Sell What You Don't Do

If you sell technical support contracts to your clients, your first inclination may be to focus on your firm’s core strengths...and make those strengths the centerpiece of your program. However, that first inclination may be anywhere from mildly to completely wrong, because often your small business clients want something altogether different. Read the Post...

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