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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - November 16, 2011

SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter

November 16, 2011

Take the IT Service Contracts Recurring Revenue QuizTake the IT Service Contracts Recurring Revenue Quiz

Does your firm need to generate predictable, recurring service revenue?
Do you want to attract the best small business clients to your firm's IT service contract program?
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10 Computer Consulting Marketing Tips that Attract Awesome Clients (Video)

If you're looking to get more great B2B clients, you really need to plan ahead for how you handle your marketing campaigns and related day-to-day activities.
Given that it’s all too easy to get sidetracked with the latest client emergency of the day, or award-winning employee drama, or a great-sounding new channel program promotion, focus is the key.
What are the best known ways to market computer consulting services?
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Top 6 IT Service Contract Survival Tips for When the Customer Is Wrong

If your company focuses on small business technology adoption, most of your clients are likely on long-term IT service contracts. While 100% client retention is an admirable goal, it may not always be possible. Why?
The time to deal with that is in advance.
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How IT Sales Reps Work with Sales Engineers

There are two components of IT sales presentations: convincing the prospect of the solution’s technical merits and of its financial value.
Learn 3 tips for working successfully with the sales engineer to close more high-value sales, with less effort.
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Top 7 Computer Consulting Conferences and Trade Shows

Do you want to build great relationships and strategic partnerships?
Conferences and trade shows may be just what your company needs.
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How to Start a Computer Repair Business & Use Facebook for Marketing

Discover how to gain brand awareness online and grow a business built on trust and word-of-mouth introductions.
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3 IT Security Certifications that Help You Stand Out from the Crowd

If your firm has been struggling to stand out from the crowd and differentiate itself from the competition, third-party credentials can often make a big difference.
Show your prospects, customers, and clients that you're dead serious about protecting their firm’s data security.
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