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3 Social Media Tools for a Computer Store Franchise

3 Social Media Tools for a Computer Store FranchiseOne of the most important benefits of being part of a computer store franchise is the ability to quickly gain the confidence of your local community due to the existing brand awareness. Although it is not nearly as prevalent among computer stores, it’s a safe bet that if you open up a brand-new McDonald’s, SUBWAY, or Dunkin’ Donuts franchise location, you won’t have to spend much, if any, effort explaining what you do to potential customers.

As a franchise unit owner, there are many rules that you must follow from the franchisor. It is important to understand all of the rules governing marketing activities (specifically what can and cannot be done). Most computer store franchise operators allow marketing campaigns to bring new customers into the stores. However, the marketing messages and promotions must be consistent with the current offerings of other franchise locations.

Social media can help you to reach out to your local community, call attention to your computer store, and differentiate your business from that of your competitors. Here are three social media tools that should be on your marketing front-burner.


You should set up a Facebook page for your computer store franchise location.

While the master franchise operator may have its own Facebook page, a separate page for your local store will help to develop a strong community of loyal customers.

Your Facebook page is an excellent way to get the word out about promotions and other local deals. You should also consider having your resident computer experts create helpful tips and techniques to share regularly via Facebook in order to differentiate your computer store.


While it is one of the more popular social media sites, Twitter may not drive new business as quickly as other marketing avenues for a new computer store franchise location.

A simple recommendation is to utilize a service like Twitterfeed that lets a blog owner automatically post to a Twitter account. This will allow your store’s blog posts to be automatically announced to your Twitter profile and Facebook page. The content should always be fresh and relevant. Although daily posting is ideal, you should be sure to post at least once a week.


Creating videos related to the products that are inside of your computer store helps drive online awareness about your store and promotes items that can purchased.

This is an excellent way to also develop content that can help support a Facebook page, which may be the focal point of your social media strategy. It is important to be sure that YouTube is configured to announce all new video postings to your Facebook page and Twitter profile.

This short post has discussed three social media tools that are especially helpful for marketing a computer store franchise location. Are there other social media services that have generated new or repeat business for your computer store? Please share your thoughts in the Comments area below.


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