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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - December 14, 2011

4 Ways to Improve Your Computer Service Contract BusinessSP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter

December 14, 2011

4 Ways to Improve Your Computer Service Contract Business (Video and Transcript)

Do you offer computer service contracts to your small business clients? If so, be sure to watch this video tutorial on four simple ways to improve the computer service contract part of your business.
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Top 5 Small Business IT Lead Qualification Tips (Article and Video)

Small business IT providers often waste a ton of time and resources chasing after the wrong leads. To help make sure that you're only going after promising decision makers, consider the following 5 small business IT lead qualification tips.
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Starting a Computer Business? Bookmark These 8 Websites (Article and Videos)

When talking with those starting a computer business, we're often asked for advice and referrals to other businesses and organizations. What are resources that keep coming up over and over again?
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How Small Business IT Audit Specialists Website Nails Niche Marketing

Most small business IT companies usually try to be all things to all people, mistakenly believing that "small business" is a niche. However, when your company's marketing looks just like every other IT company's marketing, it's tough to stand out, let alone command top rates. Learn about a simple three-page website that nails niche marketing.
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Top 3 Cloud Computing Certifications that Enhance Your IT Career

Certifications can add value to your credentials. However, with so many cloud computing certifications available, how do you decide which certifications make the most sense? Learn about the top three cloud computing certifications that can impress your prospects and land you higher-paying clients.
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5 Ways IT Lead Generation Can Increase Profits

Before you waste any more money on old-fashioned, traditional media, check out these five tips to get in front of decision makers in your local community.
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Business Solutions Magazine YouTube Channel Helps VARs Improve (Video)

Learn about how the YouTube channel from Business Solutions Magazine helps entrepreneurs and small businesses in the IT industry.
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Redmond Channel Partner Magazine Rocks with Microsoft Product Roadmap

Do you need to keep up with the latest Microsoft products and platforms?
Find out about the regularly-updated Microsoft Product Roadmap that's definitely worth bookmarking.
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CompTIA Security+ Certification Tips

If you need to demonstrate third-party credibility to your consulting clients, the CompTIA Security+ certification is the perfect place to start.
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SYNNEX Varnex Program Connects Like-Minded VARs

Tired of feeling all alone? The SYNNEX Varnex program might be just what the doctor ordered.
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Symantec Partner Programs Drive Opportunities for Small Business SPs

Do you need tools to provide expert service to clients with changing and developing needs? Symantec Partner Programs can help.
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