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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - December 21, 2011

8 IT Support Agreement Tips for Generating Recurring Revenue (Video)

8 IT Support Agreement Tips for Generating Recurring Revenue (Video)Does your company offer an IT support agreement to your clients? If so, give yourself a nice pat on the back. If not, this post and video tutorial is urgent and required reading (and watching). Starting from scratch each month is a tough way to sustain or grow a computer consulting business. Learn eight ways to make sure that your IT support agreement clients consistently generate high-margin recurring service revenue.
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7 IT Sales Secrets for Attracting High-Lifetime-Value Clients (White Paper)

If you don't have a predictable, consistent way of growing your client list, with 2012 right around the corner, NOW is the time to be doing something productive about it. Learn how to close more sales faster with less effort.
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The Dell IT Consulting Vlog that Every SMB VAR Can Learn From

Find out about one very simple, but very powerful marketing tactic that Dell is using, that virtually every small business IT provider ought to be at least testing.
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IT Security Associations that Help Small Vendors

Does your firm provide IT security consulting? One of the issues that has recently been at the forefront for small and medium businesses is spending on security. How well is your firm positioned?
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Ingram Micro Cloud Website Eases VARs Transition to Cloud Computing

It's no secret that the demand for cloud computing-related services is growing rapidly. If you're serious about pursuing this segment, Ingram Micro Cloud may be able to help.
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How Microsoft System Builders Can Add Office 2010 (Video Review)

If your company is a system builder and has shied away from bundling software in the past, you may be missing the boat. Learn how Microsoft has simplified the process of bundling Office 2010.
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3 Computer Franchise Business Funding Options

Regardless of whether you're launching a computer franchise business, or just starting up a more conventional VAR, MSP, integrator, or consulting firm, at some point you may need capital. Find out about the three "F's" for funding options.
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Top 5 IT Certification Benefits that Drive Career Growth

Getting you and your staff certified, and staying certified, takes a big commitment. Is it worth it? Learn about five benefits that certified individuals often count on, on a personal level.
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