It’s always good to feel wanted, especially on a regular basis.

While making one-off sales may be part of business as a computer dealer or value-added reseller, building your IT marketing plan around support can bring recurring revenue. 

This lets you build your business while bringing repeat value to your customers. A successful IT marketing plan puts the customer's wants first, so let’s look at some ways to capture your customers’ hearts.

IT That Works

Downtime is distinctly unwelcome in many businesses. Scheduled support services keep more IT equipment working longer.

While you can’t eliminate unexpected problems or emergencies, you can reduce such problems to a minimum. When your customers know they can rely on their IT systems thanks to their support contract with your firm, they’re already reaping benefits.

A Good Return on IT Investment

Doing more with less and using IT for maximum productivity are two ways that companies can improve their bottom lines. Support contracts and regular customer interaction help your firm glean information about what your customers want most.

Better still, you get repeated opportunities to respond to those wants, making your customers value your support services even more.

A Provider That’s Available

Hit-and-run sales limit your possibilities for maintaining availability. However, support contracts allow you to schedule a time to spend with a customer upfront. You can use this availability to help you plan how to meet existing needs or discuss new projects that arise. 

If you’ve already opted to build your IT marketing plan around support, do you have the proven revenue results and financial stability to move forward with it? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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