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5 Excuses for Marketing Computer Services to Prospective Clients

You probably already know that marketing computer services requires regular and vigorous follow-up.

But no one wants to be that obnoxious salesperson that keeps asking, “Are you ready to buy yet?”


With some creativity, you can come up with valid reasons to make follow-up contact. Here are five excuses for marketing computer services to get you started:

  1. Announce That You’re Exhibiting at a Trade Show or Event. Small business owners are attracted to local and regional business-to-business (B2B) tradeshows. You can rent a booth or host a session. Find some way to participate meaningfully and let your current and prospective clients know about it. If you can, offer a free pass. Events are key IT marketing tools – they’re not only an excuse to contact prospective clients, but you attract potential customers while you’re there.

  2. Ask Whether Anything Has Changed Since We Last Spoke/Met? The customer will likely see a quick call, with a genuine question as helpful. It may also jog the attention of a busy manager who has meant to contact you.

  3. Ask Whether They Know Others Who Are Having PC Problems. If they don’t have a current need or can’t afford to hire you now, they may know another company that’s interested. Most people are happy to help. Nearly every office has IT needs, so effective IT marketing should capitalize on every connection possible.

  4. Congratulate the Client/Prospective Client on a Promotion. Make a point to track the events of your major clients and prospective clients. (Editor’s Note: Google Alerts are a free, quick, and easy way to get notified about news and new search results that pertain to any individual or company you wish to track.)

  5. Pass Along an Interesting Newspaper/Magazine Clipping. Share a key trade magazine article on small business IT strategies. Better yet, create your own list of tips and share them periodically.

Use these five reasons to stay in touch with current or past clients as well as to stay on the radar for possible new clients. Marketing computer services can become part of your daily business operations, instead of a chore you continually put off.

If you have ideas for contact excuses that have worked for you, please share them in the Comments section below.

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