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4 Ways to Improve Your IT Business Marketing with Prospect Surveys

Good IT business marketing means knowing your customers well enough to bring them solutions they value and bring revenue to your firm. 

Prospect surveys let you gather this information while keeping them short enough for your prospects to answer but still covering important points. Use them also to:

  1. Check Up on Your Advertising. Make your first survey question: “How did you first hear about our company?” You’ll get your customers talking, and you’ll also find out what’s driving the most business your way. Use the results to root out any advertising that isn’t paying for itself.

  2. Qualify Sales Leads. Find out if they’re close enough geographically, if they’re the right size for your firm, if what’s in their IT installation matches your capabilities, and what their top five computer-related problems are. If your specialty is networked PCs, but the customer doesn’t have any, your survey should tell you; if so, to move on to better-qualified prospects. (Editor's Note: For more information: see Top 5 Small Business IT Lead Qualification Tips.) 

  3. Keep Sales Calls on Track. With your survey information and your knowledge of the prospect’s pain points, you can decide how to best structure a sales call and which important questions to ask, and when. You can also avoid giving away services for free.

  4. Detect Overall Opportunities and Monitor Results. Track and analyze results over all of your surveys to see trends and opportunities in your IT business marketing. Remember also to regularly ask customers you start doing business with your “top five computer-related problems” questions.

For prospects, you mail the survey to, consider also offering an incentive (e.g. free gift, chance to win vouchers) to increase the response rate. 

Have you found these benefits for your own IT business marketing by using prospect surveys? Have you discovered additional benefits? Let us know via the Comments section below. 

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