A dynamic computer marketing plan is a must for every IT business. As a computer consulting business owner, you need to proactively and consistently tap into streams of new business to keep your company growing.

The idea of marketing IT may seem daunting, but whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re already surrounded by local business-related groups.

Here are four local groups you can consider joining. All you need to do is start going to meetings, get active, and begin to build relationships.

The four to start with are:

  1. Chambers of Commerce – If you only included one target group in your computer marketing plan, make it your local city or regional chamber of commerce. The chambers of commerce exist primarily for businesses to network with each other. They also participate in widely publicized events that are excellent ways to get your name out into the community.

  2. Lead-Sharing Groups – Groups like LeTip International and BNI provide an opportunity to share leads and tips with other professionals. Get active in a local chapter and find out how you can begin receiving and sharing referrals.

  3. IT User GroupsIT user groups provide an opportunity to meet subject-matter experts who do similar things as your company but are not direct competitors. Anyone marketing IT services should look into these groups.

  4. Affinity Associations – Join associations of individuals with similar experiences or backgrounds as you. These can include college or university alumni associations, religious organizations, or other special interest groups. Most hold regular meetings and host events. People join them to meet other people, so start introducing yourself and letting others know what you do. 

If you start getting active in just one or two of these groups, your marketing plan will be well underway.

Please share your ideas about marketing IT and new business generation in the comments section.

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