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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - January 18, 2012

5 Ways Computer Service Agreements Create Recurring Revenue (Video and Transcript)

SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter January 18 2012A well-designed computer service agreement program formalizes the client/technology provider relationship and in a lot ways represents a marriage of sorts. The key, however, is making sure that most of these relationships celebrate 5-, 10-, and 25-year anniversaries, rather than ending in bitter divorces. Learn how to use computer service agreements to attract great clients, create highly-profitable recurring service revenue, and grow your technology provider business.
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Selling IT Solutions by Using Social Media the Right Way

Most prospects see buying an IT solution as a major or mid-sized purchase for their businesses. This means, your prospect has to gain trust in you and your business before they're willing to make a purchase decision. Find out how to use social media to build trust.
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Take the IT Marketing Client Attraction Quiz

Do you want to get better marketing results? Do you need to attract the best small business clients to your firm? What can you do to
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UBM Channel CEO Predicts the Demise of Traditional VARs

Recently, at the COMDEXvirtual online conference, UBM Channel CEO Robert Faletra presented the opening keynote on "Redefining the Channel Ecosystem." Where is the IT reseller channel headed? How will business models change? And what impact will cloud computing have?
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Will IT Distributors Have to Compete with Vendors Again?

Apple, Microsoft, Google, and HP have all flirted with, or considered exploring, some degree of direct distribution. What's next?
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CompTIA Puts New Mobile App Credential in Place

Are end-user downloads of mobile apps causing IT support headaches? CompTIA and viaForensics may have a solution.
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Top 21 IT Certifications for Small Business (White Paper)

IT certs can a great shortcut that shows potential prospects, customers, clients, and partners that you know your "stuff". But make sure you tackle IT certification from a business owner's standpoint. This guide gets you started.
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Your IT Consulting Business Plan Must Have These 3 Partnerships

When you're developing your business plan, consider how you'll build relationships with other trusted business advisors. Why does your new IT consulting business really need these kinds of partnerships? Because these trusted advisors already have their own established customer base, which with any luck, they'll soon introduce to you and your new company.
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Why Computer Training Franchises Need to Work with Recruiters

While many looking into opening a computer training franchise location may think they'll be in the business of selling training classes, the market reality is quite different. Usually, students who take these training classes are often buying more than just a class.
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