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Make Your Managed Services Marketing Get Better Results

Managed services marketing can Make Your Managed Services Marketing Get Better Resultshelp you lift your computer dealer business out of the hardware/software commodity doldrums. However, it needs to be used sensibly to avoid being burned by simply jumping into the fire.

First of all, why are business customers interested in managed IT services?

  • Cost-cutting. Relevant for any customer at the moment, but particularly so for small business customers who often focus on this, especially if this lets them reduce their headcount.

  • Budget control. Managed services with an appropriate service level agreement (SLA) lets companies budget a fixed amount per month with guarantees of performance and without surprises.

  • Strategic focus. If a company can hand off the day-to-day IT maintenance and support to a third party, it can then free up its own IT staff to work on projects to create value for the company, like that new parts-tracking database or e-commerce site, for example.

Successful managed services marketing will use these points to define a managed offering that your customers want, but here’s another key point: managed services is one part of the solution, but not a complete solution by itself. If you only offer virtual managed services, you run the risk of being undercut on price by offshore firms with lower operating costs.

Hot Tip

Your managed services marketing should therefore also be accompanied by other advantages that only you can offer your customers (as long as they’re close geographically): plenty of face-time and lots of “CIO” handholding. This helps turn your business model into “managed computer consulting,” even more effective for helping customers improve their revenue top line and their profitability bottom line.

How do managed services marketing tactics contribute to your businesses’ success? And now that you know about managed computer consulting, is that something you’ll add to your more traditional IT marketing campaigns? Share your experience with us in the COMMENTS section below here.

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