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IT Maintenance Contracts - 3 Things to Avoid

IT Maintenance Contracts 3 Things to AvoidSelling IT maintenance contracts is a fantastic way for your computer consultancy to secure recurring revenue. However, there are three pitfalls you must avoid in order to successfully manage your stress levels and hang on to your lucrative clients:

  1. Over-commitment: Taking on additional IT maintenance contracts to increase monthly revenue is always tempting, but you must always consider the worst-case scenario. Do you have the manpower to cope if two or more client systems go down at the same time? Always ensure you have resources available to manage emergency situations. Failing to do so can result in stress, lost contracts, and even legal implications.

  2. Complacency: Don’t forget your long-term clients when new business appears. Putting all your energy into impressing a new client at the expense of your existing customers may make sense at the time, but customers are very much aware when service levels drop. If you establish your levels of service and stick to them, renewals should come easy.

  3. Ambiguity: Always make clear in your IT maintenance contracts what you support, to what degree and at what times. If your “helpdesk” hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday, ensure it’s in the contract. That way, no one can complain when they cannot get hold of your company over the weekend.

What do you always include in your IT maintenance contracts? Share your experiences in the COMMENTS box below.

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