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IT Business Marketing for Generating Recurring Service Revenue

Successful IT business marketing focuses on achieving the end goal: recurring revenue.

It’s essential that you systematically secure new client contracts, so your firm doesn’t come up against any unexpected revenue gaps. IT business marketing needs to create awareness of the problems that your firm solves for its clients, taking into account your firm’s sales cycle.

To help you reach your recurring revenue goals, consider these three sources for new contracts, listed in descending order by their effectiveness in generating recurring revenue:

Your New Customers

Once your new customers have gone through the sales cycle and are happy with their results, your firm is in a perfect position to pitch for follow-up projects. Talk to them about specific projects they may need, like a systems upgrade or a network rollout.

Let them know about the ongoing support services you provide to other clients and offer them case studies describing the benefits of your work.

Your Existing Qualified Leads or Prospects

The qualified leads and prospects that you’ve already identified as desirable clients match up with your firm’s ideal client profile. IT business marketing and the subsequent hand-off to sales require that you take the next step and set up a meeting. Talk about prospective clients’ current problems, ask open-ended questions, and get a feel for whether these prospective clients are a good fit for small proving-ground projects.

Your Longtime Customers

Once you’re securing annual recurring revenue from new customers, consider approaching some of your longtime customers (over five years). Tell them about arrangements you have with new clients and show them case studies detailing the outcomes.

What’s worked best for your firm? Please share your own successful IT business marketing advice in the comments section below.

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