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4 Social Media Platforms to Include in Your IT Sales Strategies

4 Social Media Platforms to Include In Your IT Sales StrategiesEven in a B2B environment, you need to incorporate social media as part of your IT sales strategies. Social media allows you to engage with your prospects and customers in real time, gives you insight into their behavior, and provides you with a means to listen to both your audience and the marketplace as a whole.

The problem is that there are thousands of social media sites with new ones opening their doors every week. It is quite easy to be carried away by new social media sites, but be cautious; your goal is to reach your audience, so you need to go where they are.

You can be an early adopter with your personal profiles, but for business purposes, there is no need to engage on new platforms immediately. You may want to consider them as part of your IT sales strategies later on. So set up a profile on the platforms that interest you, so that you can get the user names and URLs that are relevant to your business. However, you need to do no more than that.

Reasons to Concentrate Your IT Sales Strategy on the Big 4 Platforms

  1. Facebook: The most populated and active social media platform with 750 million + users, you can be sure that your clients are there. So, connect with your current client’s business pages, search out your competitors, and start engaging with your prospects.

  2. Twitter:  Twitter is not the place to make a sale, but it still has a place in your IT sales strategies; it is a listening channel. It is somewhere that you can also share customer-centric content to educate and inform. Engage and hold conversations with your prospects and clients whilst keeping an eye on the competition.

  3. LinkedIn: On the biggest business-oriented social media platform, find out all about your prospects and their needs. You will also be able to identify the decision makers within the prospect organizations, making it simpler to connect with the right people. Read more about how LinkedIn can help your sales process.

  4. Google+:  This platform is growing at an astonishing rate. It is a big hit with the IT crowd. Connect with organizations in your target market, keep an eye on what your competitors are doing, and gather industry-breaking news.

Whilst it is true that social media platforms are mainly marketing tools, it is also true that they are vital parts of your IT sales strategies. You need them as part of your sales preparation. They will provide you with the vital insights and angle that you need in order to maximize the likelihood of converting your prospects into customers.

Have you used social media to bolster your IT sales strategies? Or does it give you the angle that you needed to start a relationship with a prospect? If you have, we would like to hear your experiences. Please leave a note in the COMMENTS below.


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