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IT Marketing Ideas That Draw in Higher Paying Clients

If you started your computer consulting company taking on literally any new customer you could get, you’re probably in need of some IT marketing ideas.


You may have been happy that you were finally getting by, paying the bills, and staying afloat. But to get that cushion of revenue and a little bit of breathing room, you need to start looking for higher-paying clients.

This is a leap many businesses have had to take, so learn from their errors. 

First, there are three things NOT to do:

  1. Avoid the low volume approach – Many of your early customers might have been small home-based businesses that you were happy to get. Problem is, you spend a lot of effort on what may be one-off projects or have little opportunity to expand. Then, the next month you have to scramble to get more of them on board.

  2. Stay away from auction bidding sites – These sites may seem appealing at first, but employers tend to select contractors solely on price. There will always be new workers hungry for jobs who will underbid you.

  3. Don’t just sell the hardware and software – Your ongoing revenue will come from major projects and long-term service agreements.

While you wean yourself from these common early approaches, focus on the following two solid IT marketing ideas to attract higher-paying clients: 

  1. Always lead with your company’s value proposition – No matter what product you might be pitching, always lead with your own company’s marketing pitch. Show how prospective clients will benefit from your services.

  2. Make yourself a valuable outsourcing companyUnderstand your clients. This includes their competition, any regulatory challenges, and how their sales cycles work. 

Use these IT marketing ideas to begin positioning your business to meet the needs of higher-paying clients. 

Making the effort to adapt your pitch and services to their needs should reap large payoffs.  

If you’ve successfully attracted higher-paying clients, please share your own advice in the comments section below. 

And if you need to level up on marketing ideas for attracting better paying clients, especially when working in and around SaaS and IaaS, be sure to enroll now in our free 7-day eCourse: Go-to-Market Strategy 101 for B2B SaaS Startups and Scaleups.

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