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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - March 7, 2012

5 Technology Sales Ingredients for Success

SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - March 7, 2012IT sales success is 95 percent about the process and 5 percent about the ability and skill of the sales person. Laying a sound foundation provides you with the edge needed and helps you judge the optimal time to meet the prospect and close the transaction. Learn about five technology sales ingredients for success that convert more prospects into paying clients, and in turn, into high-lifetime-value clients.
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Computer Repair Flyer Gets New Life from QR Codes

A computer repair flyer with the right headline, compelling offer, call to action, and attractive graphics gets attention. There's a limitation, however. After printing, the flyer won't change, which makes it difficult to tell prospects about special offers and new services. Until recently, the only option was to put the full URL of your website's home page on the flyer and hope for no typos. But now, the exploding popularity of smartphones and the "Quick Response Code" (QR code) can change all that.
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Top 9 IT Trade Associations (White Paper)

For Small Business VARs, Integrators, IT Solution Providers, MSPs, System Builders, Computer Repair Businesses, and Computer Consulting Firms
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IT Business Marketing for Generating Recurring Service Revenue

Successful IT marketing focuses on achieving the end-goal: recurring revenue. It's essential that you systematically secure new contracts, so your firm doesn't come up against any unexpected revenue gaps.
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3 IT Maintenance Contract Pitfalls to Avoid

Selling maintenance contracts is a fantastic way for your computer consultancy to secure recurring revenue. However, there are three pitfalls you must avoid in order to successfully manage your stress levels and hang on to your lucrative clients.
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How to Start a Computer Business - 3 Ways to Boost Your Revenue

When starting a computer business, there are some things you can do to increase your revenue with minimal effort. Incorporating these ideas into your business plan from the start can pay serious dividends.
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IT Expo East 2012 Boosts IP Communications Industry

The four day conference's value proposition was simple: to present the latest in IP-based video, voice, fax, and unified communications through exhibits, training sessions, and panels.
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Software Trade Association Respects Whistleblower Protection

A software trade association exists to encourage legitimate business activity in the software market. It's also there to react to anything that could put the healthy development of that market at risk, including the use of unlicensed software. To do so, it has to give reasonable protection to whistleblowers.
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How Partner Programs from Small VARs and MSPs Can Use Social Media

When most owners of computer consulting businesses, VARs, MSPs, and computer repair businesses think about partner programs, IT giants like Cisco, Microsoft, and Symantec surely come to mind. In reality though, every IT company from the mom-and-pop PC repair shop to the Fortune 1000 publicly-traded superstar needs marketing partners.
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6 Red Hat Certification Resources Worth Adding to Your Favorites List

When you are deciding what kind of IT certifications you want to invest in, you may want to give Red Hat certification some consideration. To get started, use this list of resources to wrap your mind around what’s needed.
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Starting an IT Consulting Business? Why Now is the Best Time

Getting started during an economic downturn can actually be the best time to launch.
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