How to Sell an IT Service ContractIf you are trying to sell an IT service contract to one of your small business clients, it is important to present them with a clear, focused value proposition to maximize your chance of winning the business.

If you run an IT business, you are probably more skilled in technical activities than sales techniques, but by following these simple steps you can increase your IT service contract sales, keep your customers content, and ensure renewals year after year.

Emphasize Benefits

Customers will respond better if your proposal emphasizes exactly how they will benefit, rather than simply lists a number of services.

For example, don’t say “unlimited help desk calls.” Instead, say “Whenever you need help with an IT problem, we can immediately help resolve it, by phone or remote access.”

Provide Clarity

Make sure any proposal for an IT service contract makes it very clear as to what is included in each monthly or annual payment. 

Is out-of-hours or weekend help included in the cost? What happens if a server fails and you need to spend several days on-site? Make sure your customers know exactly what to expect.

Use Plain English

Many IT people are not great at explaining things to those less technical. 

Perfect the act of explaining complicated technology in plain English and provide this in all your dealings with prospective customers. Then you will immediately stand apart from the many IT consultants unable to do it.

Make Invoices Clear

Businesses like to know exactly what they are paying for when they hire you. 

Writing “Win 7 Pro 64 Bit OEM” on an invoice may mean something to a techie, but is likely to mean nothing to a client. 

Highlight the fact that you always go the extra mile and make your invoices clear. This assures the client that they will be in control. If you get the contract, you will probably find that this clarity helps your invoices to be paid more quickly too. 

What are your strategies for selling an IT service contract to a non-technical small business customer? Do you use the above techniques? Share your experiences in the COMMENTS box.

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