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Marketing Computer Services to Include BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Today’s generation of new workers in their twenties or early thirties is bringing you a new challenge in marketing computer services—BYOD, short for “Bring Your Own Device.”


These people have grown up with PCs, Internet, and mobile devices, and they want to use their own computing devices both inside and outside the work environment.

It’s a situation that can stump employers and IT departments used to a traditional model where they decide what employees will use. However, as an external provider, you can turn this challenge into an opportunity by marketing IT services that solve two of their biggest headaches:

Connecting Different Computing Devices

Some customers don’t even know where to begin.

Bring them value by applying this simple principle: If you can’t standardize on the device anymore, then standardize on the service and the connection. Web-based applications and SSL (secure socket layers) connections are possible on practically every device.

Keeping Data Safe Even on Unknown Machines

Even if customers have already gotten over the first hurdle, they still need to be able to protect their data (so provide device encryption); and erase it, for example, if an employee is due to leave the company (with remote wiping).

Alternatively, specific company data management, such as limited data lifespan for BYOD or no printing allowed, can be accomplished through digital rights management (DRM), as part of a managed services solution.

So what’s the sound you’ll hear when marketing computer services like these?

It’s the sighs of relief from many enterprises that have been wondering how they were going to tackle the issue.

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