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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - March 14, 2012

Top 5 IT Marketing Ideas for Drawing in New B2B Clients (Video and Transcript)

Top 5 IT Marketing Ideas for Drawing in New B2B Clients (Video and Transcript)Looking for some simple, cost-effective marketing ideas that can draw in new B2B clients? In this 9-minute video tutorial, you'll learn about five of the best ways to consistently attract new business.
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4 Computer Repair Marketing Tips that Generate a Steady Client List

Do you need to generate a steady supply of new clients? Without a systematic marketing plan, your business will quickly be on borrowed time. Consider the following four computer repair marketing tips that can help your business generate a more stable client list.
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5 IT Service Agreement Tips that Ensure Your Clients Renew

Long-term service agreements provide bread and butter income for many an IT business. If you work on agreements like this with your clients, making sure they continue to renew them should be one of your top priorities. Here are five ways to ensure your clients renew every year.
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How Technology Sales Reps Sell Without Saying a Word (Screencast)

Hollywood has created the image of the loud, back-slapping sales rep that most people equate with the profession. No doubt there are salespeople of that type earning a good living, in some markets, but NOT in technology sales. Fortunately, there IS a better way.
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Computer Consultant Business Tips for Building a Client List

If building a business is all about whom you know, than it's only natural to use your firm's client list as a yardstick or barometer of how you're progressing. You need to find ways to keep meeting the RIGHT kinds of people. Consider these tips as you get out there and perfect your marketing skills.
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13 IT Channel Partner Programs (White Paper)

Want to align your growing firm with elite IT brands? Are you aware of three very simple ways to evaluate any IT channel partner program, BEFORE you make a big commitment? Do you know the key strategy issues that you MUST tackle in order to get good value from your IT channel partner program investments?
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Microsoft TechEd Europe 2012 Promises Training and Trends

During the four day event, so much is going on, delegates need to plan ahead.
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Ingram Micro and U.S. Micro Turn IT Junk into Reseller Revenue

When end users want to get rid of outdated IT equipment, they face two big challenges. Ingram Micro has a solution.
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SANS Institute Launches New Cloud Computing Security Training

At its Security East 2012 event, the SANS Institute launched its new course on cloud computing security. If your firm helps clients with IT security and cloud migrations, this kind of training should be on your front burner.
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