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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - March 28, 2012

4 Social Media Platforms to Include in Your IT Sales Strategies

SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - March 28, 2012Even in a B2B environment, you need to incorporate social media as part of your IT sales strategies. Social media allows you to engage with your prospects and customers in real time, gives you insight into their behavior, and provides you with a means to listen to both your audience and the marketplace as a whole. Find out why you need to concentrate on these big four platforms.
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IT Sales Secrets for Attracting High-Lifetime-Value Clients (White Paper)

Want to close more sales faster with less effort?
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Technology Marketing 4-Step Value and Benefits Checklist

The danger of using technology marketing with customers is assuming that they share your love of product specifications. Many customers, especially in the SMB sector, do not. Talking RAM size, processor speed, and APIs to managers or owners may see you ushered out and not asked back in the doors. What are non-technical small business owners and managers interested in now?
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3 Ways to Structure IT Maintenance Contracts

If you offer IT maintenance contracts to your clients, it is important to decide exactly how to structure them. This will provide your clients with clarity as to what they can expect. Learn about three popular ways of structuring these contracts.
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The Dell IT Consulting Vlog that Every SMB VAR Can Learn From (Video)

Much of Dell's success over the past 27 years can be traced to awesome logistics and marketing. But you don't need to have Dell's marketing budget to make a big splash with SMB decision makers in your local market. Check out this quick 60-second video about what SMBs really want. Then learn how you can adapt this same kind of marketing to your IT business.
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Starting Your Own Consulting Business? Consider Moonlighting First

Getting started in your own IT business takes careful planning. Before you make the leap to full-time computer consulting, consider moonlighting first.
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SYNNEX CLOUDSolv Offering Gains Momentum and Targets Bigger Margins

Cloud computing is bringing new perspectives to IT distribution, and SYNNEX has already announced its CLOUDSolv platform for channel partners.
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IT Associations Take Sides with SOPA

The recent SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) initiative has polarized opinion among the IT industry and IT associations.
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Cisco Live San Diego Stresses Education and Business

For anyone who uses Cisco technology, or plans to use it, Cisco Live San Diego from June 10-14 is the place to be.
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