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Nerd Force Helps Franchisees Leverage Their Own Expertise

Nerd Force Helps Franchisees Leverage Their Own ExpertiseIf you're looking for an IT franchise with a strong, established brand, and one that prefers its owners to be strong in business acumen before technical prowess, Nerd Force might be what you're looking for.

While you definitely need skilled technicians to provide hands-on service to your clients, Nerd Force specializes in providing an expert organization behind your business. A 24/7 call center provides level II and III tech support to you and your techs, building your skills while helping your customers. A data center offers managed services like network monitoring and data backup, as well as training facilities to get you up and running.

Nerd Force branding includes an instantly recognizable vehicle, a small yellow car with the yellow and black Nerd Force glasses logo emblazoned on it, so even while traveling to customer sites, you're actively advertising. The company also touts its cooperation between franchisees, who provide technical support to each other and cover each others' territories when necessary.

The up-front costs are estimated at $29,100 to $58,000 for a territory of 60,000 people and 2,000 businesses, comprising:

  • Franchise fee: $16,000. Veterans may qualify for $4,000 off their initial fee.

  • Initial local advertising: $5,000.

  • Vehicle: up to $16,000. The preferred car is a 2005 or later yellow Scion xB with Nerd Force decals, though similar vehicles may be approved.

  • Start-up investments: $4,600-$12,500.

  • Working capital: $7,500-$8,500.

Ongoing costs include a $400 monthly royalty fee and $100 monthly advertising development fee; both fees increase after the first year. Some discounts are available when purchasing multiple territories.

As always, consult with your attorney and accountant before purchasing any IT franchise. Tell us about your experiences with Nerd Force in the comments!

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