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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - April 18, 2012

5 Computer Marketing Tips for Trade Show Success (Screencast)

5 Computer Marketing Tips for Trade Show Success (Screencast)Trade shows can be a great computer marketing tool. But start small, say, at your local chamber of commerce business-to-business (B2B) expo. An easy beginner’s mistake is to just rent a table, show up with some business cards and flyers, and then sit all day wondering why nothing much is happening. With just a bit of planning, you can radically improve your outcome.
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VAR Sales Tactics for the Latest Twitter Updates

For IT solution providers and managed service providers who need to make their numbers each month, those who oversee sales face a never-ending battle for continuous improvement. Keeping up with what is going on across the various social media platforms can be a full-time job. Learn how two recent Twitter updates can positively impact your sales and conversions.
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IT Service Contract Secrets for Getting More Repeat Clients and Recurring Service Revenue (White Paper)

Need more repeat clients and recurring revenue? Learn how to give your IT business a big running head start every time the calendar flips over to the first of the month. Discover how to position your IT service contract program for maximum revenue and profitability. Learn about three crucial elements that must be in your sales process to build a business around IT service contracts, repeat clients, and recurring service revenue  And much more!
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IT Marketing Must-Haves for Sales Meetings (Screencast)

Effective marketing works on many levels. Once you've identified your qualified prospects, you need to be ready with sales strategies that showcase your value. If you aim to be an outsourcing solution for small businesses, focus on demonstrating your credibility. Learn five ways to address any doubts at your sales meetings and seal the deal.
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How to Sell an IT Service Contract to Your Clients

Selling a service contract to your clients is a great way to ensure consistent, regular income for your IT business. Most clients, however, will want to try you out before signing up to a long-term agreement. Learn three tips on progressing from ad-hoc projects to the sale of a full IT service contract.
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Marketing Computer Services to Include BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Today’s generation of new workers in their twenties or early thirties are bringing you a new challenge in marketing computer services: BYOD, short for "Bring Your Own Device." Learn how to turn this challenge into an opportunity by marketing services that solve two of their biggest headaches.
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Do You Have the Personality to Start a Consulting Business?

To start a consulting business, especially as an IT consultant, requires more than talent. If you think you're ready to start a consulting business that focuses on IT and computer networking, take some time to seriously assess if your personality is the right fit. Consider these seven traits needed to succeed as a consultant.
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IT Distributors Can Help You Forecast Your Next Sales Quarter (Screencast)

Want to know if your next business quarter will be good? As crystal balls often leave something to be desired in forecasting accuracy, a look at IT distributors' financial forecasts may be a better bet.
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Create Your Computer Consultant Business Plan to Prevent Failures

You have a computer consultant business plan, yes?  It's not much different than every business plan, but then again it is.
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Expetec Technology Services Focuses on Managed Services

Leaping into computer franchise ownership is a big step. Expetec Technology Services specializes in managed services for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and offers three different levels of membership, so you can grow with the same parent company.
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ASCII Group Success Summit Goes On 2012 Six City Tour

The ASCII Success Summit, hosted by The ASCII Group, is making its way around the U.S. with its usual enthusiastic response. The six-city tour began in Orlando on March 1st and finishes in New York on October 25th. Each event has a full day of advice, networking opportunities, and sales strategies.
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