IT Marketing that Turns Legacy Technology Dangers into an OpportunityBusinesses often stick to legacy technology because it’s “the devil they know.” This makes for an IT marketing challenge, more pronounced in some markets than others. 

In the UK for instance, according to data from Intel and the CBI (Confederation of British Industry), a third of UK SMBs have no plans for purchasing tablets or smartphones, or any other PC hardware, over the next 12 months. Intel UK managing director Graham Palmer singles out companies in retail and the creative industries as being at risk by using outdated legacy technologies that could erode their competitive advantage. 

However, SMBs need to be convinced that new technology is beneficial, and that staying with legacy technology is a poor option. Your IT marketing has to give your customers good arguments to move on. 

Here’s a selection of discussion points that you can adapt to specific customers and their needs:

Legacy Technology

For SMB decision makers who insist on staying with legacy technology platforms, point out these often-overlooked hidden costs and risks:

  • Poorer performance

  • Less functionality

  • Lower level of support, which may be relatively expensive due to reduced market demand and reduced availability of support options still supporting the legacy technology

  • More exposed to breakdown and security threats

  • Higher ongoing costs

  • More difficult to attract talented employees who demand a more up-to-date work environment

New Technology

SMB decision makers, especially those not in IT, often need to be educated on the advantages of newer technology platforms, such as investing in infrastructure and applications that support tablets and smartphones. 

Focus on how new technologies help a company to be more efficient and profitable, thanks to increased mobility and responsiveness to its own customers. 

Tablets, for example, allow employees to, regardless of their location:

  • Work on the move

  • Take notes easily

  • Create content

  • Get deals signed

  • Process credit/debit card payments (yes, really) 

How many of your customers are stuck in a legacy technology rut? Which of the IT marketing arguments above would best help them to embrace new technology? Please help us do a quick poll by putting your remarks in the comments section.

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