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3 Employees Your Computer Support Franchise Needs

Every computer support franchise is different. What you choose to specialize in will be determined by your own competencies and the needs of the customers in your area. Most franchises, however, will find a few core skill sets very useful as they build their client list and expand their operations.


Computer Technician

"My computer broke. Can you fix it?"

This basic question could indicate a virus, software conflict, failing hardware, or a host of other problems, and a computer technician can sort through them to get a machine running normally again.

Certifications might include CompTIA's A+, Microsoft's MCTS or MCITP, and hardware vendor repair offerings from Dell and HP.

Network Administrator

At some point, nearly all small businesses experience growing pains where their improvised peer-to-peer network is no longer cutting it.

The lack of centralized storage and network security can become a drag on productivity, so your computer support franchise should be prepared to help transition them to a designed, managed network.

A network administrator's qualifications will begin with CompTIA's Network+ and Cisco's CCENT and CCNA.

Web Programmer

Any business, fledgling or established, needs a web presence.

If your firm can provide that online presence, you become a partner in marketing and advertising. A web programmer will be able to design and structure a site that's a good fit for the client—one that they can update on their own or one they'll come back to you for on occasion.

With the right people, your computer support franchise can go from making ends meet to meeting the needs of a growing customer list. Tell us some of YOUR hiring success stories in the comments!

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