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IT Support Contracts and Tracking Your Client Calls

If you wish to professionally deliver your IT support contracts, you need to ensure that all of your client calls are being logged. 

In addition to helping you to keep track of the work you are doing and of any issues that remain outstanding, tracking every support call helps you to prove your company’s worth to each of your clients. 

Here are three ways to log and track calls:


Using spreadsheets to track calls logged on your IT support contracts is simple, but can be effective. 

Use a separate monthly spreadsheet for each client, and ensure you note every call, whether it is logged by phone or email. One way of doing this is to have a “calls to be logged” folder in your email box.

If a call is logged by phone, you only need to send yourself a quick email with the call details.

A Dedicated Call Logging Database

Call logging databases range from well-known enterprise-level systems such as Remedy to bespoke (custom) systems built in Microsoft Access. 

All systems should allow you to track actions taken and resolution times, and easily produce reports to send to your clients on a monthly or quarterly basis—depending on the terms of their IT support contracts.

Microsoft SharePoint

If your clients have an Intranet based on Microsoft SharePoint, it is possible to easily set up a helpdesk call logging system. As well as providing a good way to record all calls, this allows staff to raise support calls from their Internet browser. 

Whichever option you choose to log your IT support contracts, sending your clients a full, regular report gives them visibility of all of the work your company is doing. 

What system do you use to log your IT support contracts? Share your experiences below.

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