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IT Franchise Can Be Client's IT Department

IT Franchise Can Be Clients IT DepartmentWhen you take on a new small business as a customer of your IT franchise, you're rarely supplementing an existing IT department.

More often, you're relieving someone else of computer maintenance duties they never wanted. It can be tough to reshape the business's relationship with its electronic tools, but it's also an opportunity to set up your IT franchise as the de facto IT department of that business.

Of course, that means more than responding to the occasional service call. It might mean getting down in some trenches with your customers.

24-Hour Help Desk

Many IT franchises, like TeamLogic IT and Nerd Force, include a central help desk for your customers that's always staffed. That's not necessarily good enough when the custom network setup you designed stops working because the customer's Internet service provider changed its configuration at 2am—to "minimize disruption."

The flip side to being the only one able to help your customers is obvious, and huge.

Job Security

Since you're doing work for hire, you're obligated to provide documentation to your customers so that someone else could pick up where you leave off.

That doesn't mean a new contractor or internal staff will intuitively understand and remember the work you've already put into a customer's IT infrastructure. That's why establishing your IT franchise as an integral part of your customers' companies early in their life is so vital.

Have you become indispensable to your clients? Tell your story in the comments!

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