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3 IT Support Contract Software Essentials for SMB VARs & MSPs

If you provide an IT support contract service to your small- and medium-sized business (SMB) clients, there are various types of software you can use to organize yourself and enhance the service you provide.

If you are not using all three of the types of software suggested in this article, it is likely that starting could make your life easier and improve your customers’ perception of your services.

Workstation Management Software

Workstation management software usually works by providing you with software agents to install on every PC you are responsible for. This gives you a centralized view of the status of your clients’ computers and quickly alerts you to problems, allowing you to catch issues early and be more proactive.

Cloud-based workstation management solutions, such as Microsoft’s Intune service, are now widely available. Implementing solutions like this can make delivery of an IT support contract much easier—and some may even allow you to earn a commission on your clients’ monthly subscriptions.

Call Logging Software

Whether you use a home-grown Microsoft Access database or an off-the-shelf call logging package, you should be logging every issue a customer raises under their IT support contract. Logging calls and providing clients with frequent reports makes you look more professional, proves your value to each client, and provides you with analytical information on the work you are doing.

Time Tracking Software

As most IT consultants bill based on time, it is essential to be able to carefully track the time spent doing work for each client. A range of time-tracking software is available, including some cloud-based products and some that link to smartphone apps, allowing you to track time while on the move.

If you have been tracking time in your head, you are likely to be surprised as to how much billable time can “go missing” using this approach.

What software do you use to help deliver an IT support contract? Share your tips in the comments box below.

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