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3 Unusual Computer Business Ideas

If you’re looking for computer business ideas, there’s plenty more you can do beyond fixing PCs and providing support. This article introduces three slightly more unusual computer business ideas:


Asset Disposal

All large businesses periodically replace their computer equipment. Even smaller firms often have a “PC graveyard” shoved in a corner.

Small businesses, especially, are often unsure of what to do with this equipment.

Before computers can be recycled or sold, they must be cleansed of confidential data, resulting in a marketplace opportunity for companies that can securely wipe data and sell the old equipment.

Doing this requires good organizational skills, as well as considerable storage and workspace to process equipment for resale.

Eco-Friendly IT

Providing a traditional IT support and consultancy service with a green edge is perhaps the most rewarding of these unusual computer business ideas. Progressive businesses may welcome an IT partner that concentrates on equipment with low power consumption, paperless practices, and an environmental focus. Good research skills are necessary for this, in order to find the best equipment to suggest to your clients.

IT Auditing

The typical knowledge gap between small business owners and IT providers means that businesses often have inadequate knowledge of the quality of their IT provision. This creates an opportunity for expert consultants to go into companies to review their entire IT systems and report back to management on any shortcomings.

Of the three unusual computer business ideas, this one requires the most in-depth technical skills—expert knowledge and appropriate accreditation should be considered essential for reviewing the work of others. 

What unusual computer business ideas is your business considering? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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