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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - May 23, 2012

IT Marketing that Turns Legacy Technology Dangers into an Opportunity

IT Marketing that Turns Legacy Technology Dangers into an OpportunityBusinesses often stick to legacy technology because it's "the devil they know." This makes for an IT marketing challenge, more pronounced in some markets than others. However, SMBs need to be convinced that new technology is beneficial, and that staying with legacy technology is a poor option. Your marketing has to give your customers good arguments to move on. Here's a selection of discussion points that you can adapt to specific customers and their needs.
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How Professional Computer Consultants Migrate to Better Clients (Screencast)

Professional consultants know that the key to maintaining their business is finding the sweet spot clients. It's tempting, and sometimes necessary, when you first start up, to take anything and everything. Consider these to migrate into a better position.
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Top 10 IT Marketing Strategies (White Paper)

Need more clients? Find out eight very low-cost ways to draw in new business. Uncover four little-known secrets for locating the most highly qualified prospective clients. Learn how you can consistently attract more high-paying clients. Discover five easy-to-apply tips for marketing high-margin, small business computer consulting services.
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Selling IT Solutions to SMBs Made Easy (TFM&A Working Smarter In 2012)

If you own an MSP, VAR, computer consulting business, or CSP (cloud services provider), then it is vitally important that you watch and keep up to date with the CRM space. Some barriers have come down when selling this type of technology to SMBs. However, due to the amount of research buyers carry out prior to making a purchasing decision, it is key that when you go in to pitch your IT solution, you focus on the following four areas.
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How to Market Computer Services so that Prospects Keep Appointments (Screencast)

It's often necessary to first "sell" an appointment to meet a prospective customer, and wait till that meeting before getting into the details of what you offer. Want to get prospective customers excited about meeting with you?
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Printer Maintenance Contract - Is It Worth Offering to SMB Clients?

Even in an increasingly electronic age, most SMB clients still regularly need to print documents. With this in mind, offering a printer maintenance contract would seem a logical way to increase revenue. While this may suit some IT businesses, it could be fraught with complications for others. Learn about four simple considerations to help you decide whether this is a service you should offer.
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Specialist Computer Consulting Firms: Four Ideas for Your Business (Screencast)

Computer consulting firms needn't be one-stop shops. Many IT businesses are successful because they choose to specialize in a particular area of IT services. Discover four technical areas in which specialist consulting firms can find success.
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Start a Consulting Business by Properly Managing Leads

When you first start out, you need to get the word out any way you can. You'll send out a note to all of your current contacts. You may send some marketing materials and start attending networking events. Commend yourself if you've done all that already. That's half the battle. The other half is managing the leads that come in from all of your work.
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MCITP Certification - 3 Three Reasons to Get It

MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional) certification is available for a range of technologies and products, and is a great way to prove your credentials as an IT consultant. Although gaining MCITP certification will require financial investment and cause you to have to spend time away from clients, it is still worth considering. Here are three reasons why.
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HP AllianceONE Partner Program Delivers a Competitive Advantage

The HP AllianceONE Partner Program is an opportunity for close collaboration with one of the world's leading IT companies. When you become a partner, you have access to HP's Converged Infrastructure products and services. These can improve sales and build your business.
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ASCDI-NATD 2012 USA Conference Proves a Hit with IT Solution Providers

ASCDI-NATD recently held a winter conference for IT solution providers and VARs in Clearwater Beach, Florida. This was the first USA conference of the newly merged Association of Service and Computer Dealers International (ASCDI) and the North American Association of Telecommunications Dealers (NATD). It proved a great success.
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Computer Franchises for Sale Offer Secondhand Business Bargains

You've done your research and decided that a computer franchise is right for you. You want the support that comes with an established name and larger organization, but you want to own your local branch. There's only one thing holding you back: cost. Fortunately, you might be able to save some of that money by buying a franchise from an existing owner...essentially, getting a deal on a "pre-owned" business.
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3 Employees Your Computer Support Franchise Needs (Screencast)

Every computer support business is different. What you choose to specialize in will be determined by your own competencies and the needs of the customers in your area. Most companies, however, will find a few core skill sets very useful as they build their client list and expand their operations.
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Software Trade Associations and Customer Software Audits

Besides promoting the interests of their members, software trade associations like BSA (Business Software Alliance) and SIIA (Software & Information Industry Association) also defend their members by auditing the software used by customers. If you work with medium or large businesses in the US, there is a good chance that one or more of your customers will be audited this year. Gartner reported in 2011 that 61% of the companies it surveyed had been audited externally the year before.
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AVAD Canada Dealer Business Boosted by System Design Group

Rather than depending on repeatedly selling audiovisual or security solutions to the same customers, how about having a technology distributor help you extend your business to address new opportunities, too?
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