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How to Get Your Computer Marketing On Track with Social Media

How to Get Your Computer Marketing On Track with Social MediaB2B computer marketing can be enhanced significantly by incorporating social media into your overall marketing strategy. There are many platforms out there and more are being introduced each week. So the key is to focus your efforts on those platforms where your audience currently is.

Research shows that LinkedIn beats Twitter and Facebook in B2B conversions, but that does not mean that you do not need a presence on all three social media platforms. In fact, to get the best results for your computer marketing from social media, concentrate your efforts in the following five ways:


If you don’t have a blog, set one up on your business domain.

Start to blog regularly on topics that are relevant to your target audience.

You don’t need to blog daily. It is enough to do it weekly or even monthly.

Just make sure that you generate useful, interesting, and informative content.


Set up a personal profile and a business page.

Join groups relevant to your areas of expertise and follow businesses that are in your target market.

Connect and network with peers and potential leads.


As Facebook is the largest social network in the world, with more active monthly users than any other social media platform, you need a business page on the platform.

Set up a page that reflects your business branding and start sharing your content and other information that will be useful to your target audience.


As the final cornerstone of your social media marketing efforts, Twitter is another avenue for you to start exploring your target market and their needs.

Make sure that your brand is positively reflected here.

Answer questions, provide useful information, and show your audience what your business values are all about.


You won’t be joining Google+ to market your business, as it is unlikely that your target audience has reached this platform yet, unless they tend to be early adopters.

Your reason for joining Google+ is to network with peers and competitors that are there, and to assist with your content marketing efforts.

Summing Up

All of your social network profiles must link back to your website and blog, as these are the only places over which you have full control and ownership. Leaving your business in someone else’s hands is not good business practice. You want your website to be the central hub of your computer marketing efforts.

Social media can be a huge time sink and a waste of effort as part of your computer marketing plan if you are not focused on the platforms and tasks that add value.

Have you started to explore social media as a marketing channel? If you have any issues or experiences you would like to share, then leave us your comments.

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