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Technology Marketing and the Best Use of Social Media

Technology Marketing and the Best Use of Social MediaHaving already conquered the hearts of consumers (B2C), social networks are now also increasingly in fashion for businesses (B2B). E-marketing consultant Bob DeStefano has a number of remarks on the optimal use of these resources in a B2B environment, such as for technology marketing.

Content is (Still) King

Social networks only work for you as a business if you put content on them that is valuable to the customers you want to attract

The best content helps your customers in their daily business lives. This means going beyond the specific solutions you offer, and tackling areas relating to running a business in your customers’ sector, to become the “go-to” resource for their questions.

Which Social Media Gives Which B2B Results?

LinkedIn is the social media site most likely to work for B2B technology marketing. DeStefano’s data shows that LinkedIn generates three times the number of sales leads compared to Twitter and four times as much as Facebook

LinkedIn does this because:

However, the other social media have their advantages as well:

  • Facebook has massive membership and corresponding possibilities to multiply contacts.

  • Twitter can work well for targeted promotions and for listening to what the market is saying.

  • YouTube and SlideShare let you share multimedia content (videos and slide presentations). 

Have you also tried new social networks like Google+ or Pinterest? Will they replace or rather enhance any of the social media mentioned above? Give us your views on using social media with technology marketing in the comments section.

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Image Source: LinkedIn Press Center

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