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3 IT Marketing Ideas for Better Customer Engagement

3 IT Marketing Ideas for Better Customer EngagementIf you’re looking for good IT marketing ideas for engaging with your customers, show them how they can better engage with their own customers. According to industry gurus like Geoffrey Moore, the short-term answer for companies is not in information technology from the business sector, but from the consumer side.

Consider Business IT vs. Consumer IT

Moore sees business IT as currently focused on “systems of record,” and consumer IT on “systems of engagement.” 

Business IT processes data and transactions ever more quickly and inexpensively. However, in a world where relationships are often the key to successfully differentiating an offering, consumer IT does it better through instant communication and information.

Build on What’s Already Good

To infer more effective IT marketing ideas, the idea is not to throw out the systems of record: they are still essential for most businesses. What they now need, however, is an additional layer of systems of engagement

In other words, the power of tools like smartphones and social networks, already enjoyed by consumers, has to also be harnessed for business. 

Up until now, consumer-oriented resources in businesses often arrived because individual employees were already using them. To help your customers become proactive, instead of staying reactive, Moore gives examples of questions you can discuss with them: 

  1. What are your critical moments of engagement with your customers?

    (for example, interaction with customers at the ticket counter for an airline)

  2. Who represents your company at those moments?

  3. What system of engagement would empower them better? 

Then compare these answers with what consumer IT has to offer and plan its integration and usage accordingly. BYOD anyone

How advanced are your customers in using consumer technologies? Will the mention of “consumer IT” be considered positive? Or would you look for another name to make it more acceptable? Let us know your point of view on these IT marketing ideas in the comments section.

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