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Computer Franchise is Right for Some Personalities

Computer Franchise is Right for Some PersonalitiesYou've probably heard of different personality "types." Though they can be overused to pigeonhole people, personality types can provide insight into yourself or others. If you're thinking of purchasing a computer franchise, an examination of your personality type can suggest how successful you might be and how enjoyable you might find it.

There are several methods of classifying personalities.

Type A or B

Though originally developed in studies of coronary heart disease, the Type A and Type B personality theory separates people into two broad types:

  • Type A is aggressive, competitive, and highly motivated.

  • Type B is more laid back, non-confrontational, and sympathetic.

Type A tends to be more successful in many business endeavors, such as owning a computer franchise. But with such broad categories, the Type A and Type B personality theory is far from definitive.


With four characteristics and 16 types, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is more nuanced, but few people fit solidly into any one type. Some types gravitate toward certain careers:

  • ESTP: technical support or entrepreneurism

  • ENTJ: entrepreneurs or computer consultants

  • INTJ: organization builders and programmers

  • ENTP: entrepreneurs, consultants, and programmers

Notice a pattern? The two middle characteristics, iNtuition and Thinking (as opposed to Sensing and Feeling) come up a lot. That doesn't mean other types wouldn't succeed, just that a higher number of people in those roles test as those personalities.

How does your personality type fit with your chosen profession or business? Are you a “natural” for operating a computer franchise? Tell us in the comments!

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