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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - May 30, 2012

Top 4 Computer Repair Advertising Mistakes (Screencast)
Top 4 Computer Repair Advertising Mistakes ScreencastWhen designing and purchasing advertising for a computer repair service, many IT business owners and managers try to take a shortcut by copying someone else's advertisement, at least to a limited degree. The big mistake with that approach, though, is assuming that the advertising that you're copying is actually effective.
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Good Managed Services Marketing Also Means Managed Online Reputation
If you've been doing managed services marketing for a while, you may remember back when customers didn't know much about you apart from your business card, your smile, and, occasionally, a mutual acquaintance.
But social media has proven to be a real game-changer.
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IT Service Contract Secrets for Getting More Repeat Clients and Recurring Service Revenue (White Paper)
Need more repeat clients and recurring revenue? Give your IT business a big running head start every time the calendar flips over to the first of the month. Discover how to position your IT service contract program for maximum revenue and profitability. Uncover the simple, step-by-step process that turns one-time customers into highly loyal, long-term IT service contract clients
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4 Ways that Branding Can Improve Your IT Sales
Joel Harrison, editor of B2B Marketing, recently hosted a webcast presentation entitled, "B2B brand personality: How do you know if yours is right?" by Richard Bush, CEO of Base One Group, a B2B branding and digital communications agency. Find out why so many IT-related businesses have issues connecting with their audience and closing IT sales.
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6 Computer Business Flyer Tips for Better Marketing Results (Screencast)
When creating a computer business flyer, it's tempting to pack it with too much information. However, when promoting your business, it's helpful to think quality over quantity. Learn six tips to focus on the useful basics that you do want to include.
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How to Win a Computer Consulting Contract from a Competitor
The success of your IT business is likely to be dependent on your ability to continually build up computer consulting contract work. Unless you plan to restrict your potential business to start-ups with no existing IT support, you are going to have to become comfortable with winning work away from your competitors. Thankfully, this can be easier than it sounds.
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How to Start a Computer Repair Business (The "Baby" Steps)
If you're planning to start a computer repair business, it's best to take things back to basics. After all, you are sure to want your business built on firm foundations. Here are five simple steps to follow when launching.
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Kaspersky Partner Program Helps Small VARs Profit from IT Security
With Kaspersky's Partner Program, VARs and IT providers can take advantage of attractive incentives and a number of revenue-generating opportunities.
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Cloud Connect Gives Delegates New Products, Demos, and Insights
Cloud Connect makes no secret of its aim to promote cloud computing among IT service providers. The 2012 Santa Clara event was held from February 13th to February 16th and presented delegates with cloud products, demos, and valuable insights. If you missed the event, get the recap now.
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D&H Distributing Company Cloud Training (Just Add IT Sales Skills)
D&H Distributing Company is one of a number of IT distributors emphasizing support for their resellers to offer cloud computing-based services. The IT distributor aims to work with dealers in the SMB sector in particular and teach them how to transition their customers towards cloud-based solutions.
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CompTIA Supports the Obama JOBS Bill as Advantageous to IT SMBs
CompTIA sees the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act as potentially advantageous for the small- and medium-sized businesses in its membership (in total over 2,000 companies). In particular, it opens up new capital funding opportunities with greater flexibility on "crowd-funding," where a large number of investors each acquire a small part of the equity of a company.
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Computer Troubleshooters Franchise Allows More Control at Local Level
When considering a franchise, there's always the balance between authority and autonomy to consider. How much will the franchisor be telling you what to do? How much will you be able to decide for yourself? Most importantly, what balance is right for you and your business?
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MCSM Accreditation - What's Required? (Screencast)
Microsoft’s new MCSM accreditation (Microsoft Certified Solutions Master) is described by the company as "the pinnacle of distinction for experienced IT professionals." Learn what is involved in gaining the accreditation and whether working towards it is a wise goal for small business IT consultants.
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