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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - June 6, 2012

SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter
June 6, 2012

How to Get Your Computer Marketing On Track with Social Media
B2B How to Get Your Computer Marketing On Track with Social Mediacomputer marketing can be enhanced significantly by incorporating social media into your overall marketing strategy. There are many platforms out there and more are being introduced each week. So the key is to focus your efforts on those platforms where your audience currently is.
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Your PC Repair Flyer Looks Great, But Can You Distribute It? (Screencast)
A PC repair flyer can attract business if it finds its way into the right hands. But how freely can you distribute a PC repair flyer campaign? Here are three suggestions to help save money, time, and tempers.
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7 IT Sales Secrets for Attracting High-Lifetime-Value Clients (White Paper)
Close more IT sales faster with seven simple steps (pages 3-5). Discover five key steps for closing more recurring revenue IT sales faster and with higher margins (pages 12-14). And much more!
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Marketing Computer Repair Requires Relationships
Are you one of those people who dread marketing? You've read the advice. You know you should be out doing more. But you're nervous about the idea. Sooner or later, you'll tire of one-off or low-paying clients that require you to reinvent the wheel and go pitching for new clients again every month. There IS a better way.
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Technology Marketing and the Best Use of Social Media
Having already conquered the hearts of consumers (B2C), social networks are now also increasingly in fashion for businesses (B2B). Learn about the optimal use of these resources in a B2B environment, such as for technology marketing.
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Computer Repair Contracts Bridge Gap Between Client and Manufacturer (Screencast)
If you offer computer repair contracts, you're sure to be aware that computers always come with a manufacturer's warranty. Depending on the country of sale and the specific product, these warranties typically range from one to three years. Even if your customers purchase enterprise-class equipment that often comes with a three-year on-site warranty, there is STILL a place for a computer repair contract...bridging the gap between the client and the manufacturer.
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IT Consulting Business Owners: Think Twice About the Home-User Market (Screencast)
When first starting an IT consulting business, many newly-minted entrepreneurs gravitate to home-user clients. Everybody knows SOMEBODY who could use the help of an IT professional. So home users can help you get started and set you up with some good testimonials. But don't get too comfortable! Why?
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Offering Your Computer Consulting Business for Sale? 4 Essential Tips
If you've had enough of the day-to-day grind and are considering offering your consulting business for sale, there are some sensible and ESSENTIAL steps you can follow to ensure your company is attractive to buyers.
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CompTIA Breakaway Combines Traditional Technology with Hot Topics
Calling all IT solution providers! CompTIA Breakaway is back! From July 30th to August 2nd, Las Vegas hosts what the CompTIA organizers call "the premier education and training event for the IT channel."
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SharePoint Partner Program Offers Tremendous Potential (Screencast)
Did you know that Microsoft adds roughly 7 million new SharePoint users each year? As a SharePoint Partner, your business has the backing of Microsoft. This gives you significant potential to promote the Microsoft SharePoint solution to small, medium, and even multinational companies.
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Google I/O Conference Has Latest Mobile, Web, and Social Innovations
The Google I/O Conference likes to do things differently. The 2012 event in San Francisco is no exception. From June 27th to 29th, Google presents the latest breakthroughs in mobile, web, and social technology. It plans to do this with an innovative mix of talks, networking opportunities, learning sessions, and attendance options.
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Computer Distributors Seek to Boost Public Sector Sales with Resellers
A stereotype about public sector contracts being only for larger resellers may be on the way out in the UK, leaving the door open for computer distributors to help small- and medium-sized IT resellers move in as suppliers. What's driving this change?
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IT Franchise Can Be Client's IT Department (Screencast)
When you take on a new small business as a customer of your IT franchise, you're rarely supplementing an existing IT department. More often, you're relieving someone else of computer maintenance duties they NEVER wanted.
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PC Repair Franchise Needs to Offer Other Services
If you've decided to purchase a PC repair franchise, make no mistake: you'll be doing more than just PC repair. It's a great service to get you noticed, but consumer PCs are getting so cheap that repairing a broken one rather than replacing it just isn't cost effective in many cases. Don't despair, though. Business customers with specialized hardware or software still need PC repair, and they need a TON of related services too. Here are just a few.
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IT Certification Courses: Is Self-Study Right for You?
If you are considering IT certification, the self-study option may SEEM an attractive proposition; buy a few books, set up a test network, and learn at your own pace. Find out three questions you should ask yourself to help determine whether self-study is right for you.
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