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Can You Make IT Consulting Sales Using Social Media?

Can You Make IT Consulting Sales Using Social MediaThe concept of social media is to provide a space for people to connect and communicate. They can do this one on one, one to many, or many to one. This is an amazing space to build relationships with people that you would not normally have the opportunity to access so readily. Social media is an ideal channel for your IT consulting sales process.

Making this type of fruitful connection is something that I have done time and time again. By respecting the medium and by taking the time to build your networks, you can make a success of it too.

  • Build yourself a reputation - Be helpful. Provide useful information. Go that extra mile to assist people within your networks. You should display your depth of knowledge and expertise to your niche.

  • Make sure you are on platforms that your target market uses  - If you don’t, you won’t have the potential to make a sale with anyone.

  • Talk to your potential customers  - It is easy to get into the habit of just talking to your peers and competition. This type of conversation is unlikely to make you any IT consulting sales. In moderation, they can be useful, but beware of confusing or switching off your audience.

  • Never approach someone publicly with a sales pitch or proposition - Always take it to the private messaging system.

Making IT consulting sales using social media is all about making a personal connection—this is the case even when you are selling B2B.

By being authentic and transparent on the platforms you use, you will build genuine relationships that will lead to deeper customer loyalty. In IT consulting, you are also aiming to become your customer’s virtual CIO—building a solid reputation for yourself is a powerful way to lay the foundations.

You’ll also have the advantage of knowing your prospects better than you otherwise would prior to making that key sales call or pitch.

Have you added social media into your marketing mix as part of your IT consulting sales process? Or are you not sure where to get started? Share your experiences or ask any questions you may have in the comments section below.

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