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27 Ingram Micro Inc. Twitter Profiles for VARs and MSPs to Follow

27 Ingram Micro Inc Twitter Profiles for VARs and MSPs to FollowFor small business VARs and MSPs, computer distributors like Ingram Micro Inc. are extremely important partners in the IT channel ecosystem. Why? Because it’s relatively rare for most small partners to have meaningful, one-on-one relationships with most of their vendors.

Build Your Twitter Feed of All-Things Ingram Micro Most Relevant to You

Since every distributor has its own unique way of getting news, information, offers, and resources out to its resellers, Twitter can help managers and staff at VARs and MSPs to aggregate all of this information together in one place that’s easily scannable in just a few minutes a day. 

Yet there’s one inherent wrinkle worth pointing out: Because of the massive fragmentation that’s existed in the IT reseller channel for literally decades, nearly all computer distributors, including Ingram Micro, have many different Twitter profiles for their various programs, vertical markets, country presences, and internal teams. This post even includes a few individuals’ Twitter profiles of key Ingram Micro managers that tend to be very hands-on with IT resellers. All the more reason for this post! 

So which Twitter users should small business VARs and MSPs be following on Twitter?

Main Ingram Micro Inc. Twitter Profile

@IngramMicroInc - Main profile for Ingram Micro Inc. in Santa Ana, California

Individual Twitter Profiles for Managers and Other Partner-Facing Ingram Micro Inc. Employees 

@GurmailSinghUK - Gurmail Singh, Unified Comms BDM at Ingram Micro

@IM_HuyNguyen - Huy Nguyen, director of channel programs

@jbystrak - Jason Bystrak, sales director for the Ingram Micro Services Division (professional services, managed services, and cloud computing services)

@JenniferiD8 - Jennifer Anaya, vice president of marketing for Ingram Micro North America

@MikeMoon777 - Michael Moon, services development manager

@johnfago - John Fago, senior director of channel and services marketing

@ReneeIMCloud - Renee Bergeron, vice president of managed services and cloud computing

@varoholic - Jason Thomas Beal, Ingram Micro EMEA in Belgium

With approximately 15,500 employees and customers in approximately 145 countries, clearly there are way more than eight managers and partner-facing employees at Ingram Micro Inc. posting updates to Twitter on a regular basis. However, for small business VARs and MSPs in most of the English-speaking countries where our readers are primarily located, this list is a good starting point. 

In addition to the above Ingram Micro Inc. employees, small business VARs and MSPs may also want to follow the Twitter profiles of two external PR and marketing communications professionals: 

@ChannelPR - Marie Rourke (Meoli), principal of WhiteFox PR

@GenBiggs - Gennifer Biggs, Ingram Micro CloudTalk blogger and WhiteFox PR

Twitter Profiles for Vertical Markets and Platforms

@IMCloudServices - Ingram Micro Cloud Services

@IM_PublicSector - Ingram Micro Public Sector in North America

@IMHealthcare - Ingram Micro Healthcare

@IngramMicroCE - Ingram Micro CE (Consumer Electronics)

Ingram Micro Inc. Twitter Profiles by Product Line

@CiscoIngramUS - Cisco Ingram Micro (may be inactive; not updated since January 2012)

@IngramApple - Michael Walline hosts the Ingram Micro virtual concierge service that comes with every Apple solution

@IngramLenovo - Ingram Micro Lenovo

@V7World - Ingram Micro house brand (may be inactive; not updated since January 2012)

Twitter Profiles for Select Ingram Micro Inc. International Locations

@IngramMicroAU - Ingram Micro Australia (may be inactive; not updated since March 2012)

@IngramMicroCA - Ingram Micro Canada

@IngramMicroNZ - Ingram Micro NZ (New Zealand)

@IngramMicroUK - Ingram Micro United Kingdom

@IngramMicroMi - Miami Export Division of Ingram Micro (based in Miami, Florida but serves the international exports market)

Twitter Profiles for Ingram Micro Inc. Special Programs

@IM_SMBA - Ingram SMB Alliance (protected Tweets only)

@IngramMicro_PCS - Ingram Micro Partner Connection Summit Event (appears inactive; not updated since September 2011)

@VTNCommunity - The Ingram Micro VentureTech Network (VTN) is a North American organization of independent IT channel firms that target the small- and medium-sized business segment

About this List

Now, because our readers largely focus on small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in primarily English-speaking nations, this list is primarily for computer consulting businesses, computer repair businesses, IT solution providers, MSPs, network integrators, VARs, and system builders located in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. 

For programs, vertical markets, international subsidiaries, internal teams, and events, Twitter profiles were included, even if no posts had been made in recent months. 

However, for individual managers and key employees, if a Twitter profile was dormant for several months, it was omitted. 

Think of the information above as a “shopping list” of the many different ways to keep up with what’s most important at Ingram Micro to your unique business model and target market. 

Did we forget anyone or anything at Ingram Micro Inc.? Do we need to do any housecleaning or updating to this list? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below.

(Oh, and be sure to follow @sphomerun and @joshua_feinberg on Twitter.)

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Image Source: Screen Shot of @IngramMicroInc Twitter Profile

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