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Computer Consulting Firm Owners: 5 Must-Do Pre-Launch Action Items

Computer Consulting Firm Owners: 5 Must-Do Pre-Launch Action ItemsDo you think that you’re ready to start your computer consulting firm, but are not sure when you should launch? The American Express OPEN website asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council to offer tips for entrepreneurs as they start out, which include: 

  1. Change your mindset – One of the first essentials is to stop thinking of yourself as an employee and start acting like the boss. Reading books on leadership and entrepreneurship can help. When people hire a computer consulting firm, they want a confident person who knows how to solve their problems.

  2. Follow the money – What is your quickest revenue stream and how are you going after it? You need to be able to pay the bills while you’re going after those bigger clients later.

  3. Find good advisors – Get some legal advice and hire an accountant. If you can’t afford a lawyer, take advantage of good free legal advice sites, like Unless you’re a financial specialist, spending some money on a good financial advisor will save you time and money in the long run.

  4. Focus your commitments – Eliminate or postpone any other distractions that aren’t necessary to furthering your business. Time spent on other projects would be better invested in your startup at this point.

  5. Systems in place – When starting a consulting firm, you must have systems in place for financial records and other parts of your operations. Get them in place now, before you’re so swamped that you neglect the operational details. 

Launching a computer consulting firm can be an exciting venture. Keep yourself on track with these action items, and don’t forget to keep a running “To Do” list. Prioritize your tasks so you put your energy in the right places at the right time. 

Got an idea for #6 for a newly launched computer consulting firm? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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