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IT Support Contracts and Encouraging Clients to Meet their Obligations

Making sure that your IT support contracts run smoothly requires commitment on the part of your clients and users, as well as consistent service from you and your business. 

It is important to make sure that your clients understand that they have certain obligations. These usually include:


Logging Calls Correctly

Calls have to be logged so that issues are correctly prioritized and not forgotten.

Producing call log reports is also likely to be part of your obligation to the client.

Refraining From Using Unauthorized Or Illegal Software

The use of unauthorized software could have implications for data security and network performance that may not be instantly apparent to the non-technical.

Illegal software can place companies at risk of significant financial and reputational impact.

Keeping To Email Size Limits Or Storage Quotas

Email size limits and quotas are there so that everyone can enjoy consistent network performance and ensure nightly backups are able to finish during out-of-hours time windows. 

Communication is key. You must make sure that customers understand why these three things are essential in order for IT support contracts to run smoothly. 

Many of these things may not be instantly apparent to those without a technical background.

Essential Ongoing Communications 

Usually, you will find that this communication is an ongoing process. 

An email to all staff reminding them of the importance of consistent fault logging may have a positive effect for a short time, making all of your IT support contracts easier to deal with. 

Sometime later, however, users may become less reliable and start saving up issues for when you happen to walk past them in the office.

Staying Consistent

All you can do is constantly remind them of their obligations and the sensible reasons behind them. 

It is also essential that you are consistent in your actions. Insisting problems are properly logged won’t be taken seriously if you fix them anyway when they are not! 

By being consistent in your message and in your actions, you may eventually manage to train the users to do things the right way. 

How do you “train” customers on IT support contracts? Share your methods below!

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