Computer Consulting Firm Promotional Tips on Creating Good AdvertisingIn a world where digital marketing is increasingly popular, printed advertising can still be a valuable way to attract clients to your computer consulting firm. This is especially true on a local level. 

Advertising in a local newspaper or business directory, or even in the classifieds, is usually relatively inexpensive and provides targeted exposure. This kind of marketing is worth consideration as part of your overall marketing and sales strategy

The success of advertising your computer consulting firm in this way depends hugely on the style and content of each advert. Consider the following essential tips when creating each ad:

Keep it Simple

Adverts are not the place for complicated technical terms. 

You need a simple design and a proposition that will grab the attention of potential customers.

Consider Customer Needs

A list of the services you offer may seem impressive, but it is far more effective to target your customer’s needs and problems

Saying “we can provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your systems are secure,” is likely to be more effective than simply listing “IT security” as a service.

Consider an Introductory Offer

People love anything that is free or cheap. 

Perhaps your computer consulting firm could offer a free network audit or security check. This allows you to “get your foot in the door” with a new customer and opens a dialog for additional, lucrative work. 

(Editor’s Note: Just be clear that an offer like that is available to qualified small business owners in the greater area, so you can apply your standard lead qualification criteria before investing an hour or two of non-billable time.)

Provide Reliable Contact Methods

Make sure that you include a telephone number that will be answered and an email address that is monitored. A surprising number of companies spend money on advertising and then make it difficult or frustrating for prospective clients to get in touch. 

Think through the entire process – from the potential customer seeing the ad, to closing the first sale. 

Do you use printed ads to generate business for your computer consulting firm? Share your tactics in the comments box below.

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Creative Commons Image Source: flickr Brett Jordan

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