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IT Sales Presentations – A Case Study: InBay

InBay is a UK-based managed services provider. IT Sales Presentations A Case Study InBayI attended their stand and seminar program at Business 2012 in London, an ideal event for InBay to promote and sell their services, as the company provides secure cloud services and IT support to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

How InBay Presented Its Value Proposition

From an IT sales perspective, the seminar was a benefits-driven presentation. However, InBay conveyed their understanding of the pain points and communicated this understanding well.

  • Working Smarter – InBay illustrated how far technology has moved on, allowing us to work smarter with no need for outdated disks and drives. We can communicate more effectively and work on projects in real-time.

  • Collaboration – InBay showed the audience how the workplace has changed and how it is easier to compete if you are able to collaborate with remote workers, colleagues, and clients with a brandable application for your business.

  • Access and Security – InBay used statistics to back up their claims that they securely hold data, and that should you need to, you can access your data 24/7. InBay is in the position to show that, of the 85,000 businesses that they’ve serviced, not one piece of data has been lost, and their uptime stands at 99.9%.

What I Enjoyed Most about InBay’s IT Sales Presentation

  • It employed storytelling optimally.

  • It was high energy and motivational.

  • It clearly displayed the company’s knowledge of its target market.

  • It clearly demonstrated how its products solved particular pain points.

What I Think InBay Could Work on Further

  • The videos that InBay showed during its IT sales presentation were well made and relevant, but the way the videos were used did not flow naturally. Also, the venue was not optimal for viewing images on a screen.

  • The presenter was a great storyteller. He was engaging and passionate about the history of technology, but he did not seem to connect with the product in the same way.

  • The introduction segment could have been snappier. The length and props used were not necessary.

Overall, it was a good presentation and a shining example of sales through storytelling. It engaged the audience brilliantly.

Have you attended any IT sales presentations recently that have stuck with you? Share your experiences in the Comments section.

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