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5 IT Business Ideas That Fulfill Proven SMB Must-Have’s

Sometimes, when considering IT business ideas, it’s good to go right back to basics and think about some of ways that people make money in the industry. This article suggests five simple and popular IT business ideas to help you evaluate what kind of work is right for you.

1. Building Custom Computers

Many people, especially gamers and enthusiasts, are attracted to the idea of a computer that is custom-built to their needs.

By starting a business building custom computers for people in your area, you can cater to this demand. This will help you make a profit by bundling together well-chosen components as a system builder.

2. Reselling Computers

If building your own PCs doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps you would be more suited to reselling kit (equipment) from mainstream manufacturers.

Hardware companies are always keen to sign up new resellers. There is money to be made on the markup between the trade price (wholesale price) and the price you sell machines on to customers.

3. Design Websites

Demand for Web design expertise is unlikely to fade, and getting into the industry is now possible without advanced coding skills. This is a result of the popularity of content management platforms such as WordPress and Joomla.

The Web industry is vast and there is room for a wide range of specialist IT business ideas. For example, you can choose to focus on creating websites for a specific industry or concentrate.

4. Provide Support

Businesses and individuals will always need IT support, and there will always be a call for experts who can provide it.

Try to focus on a particular technology or niche. This will help you differentiate yourself from the numerous IT support companies already in the marketplace.

5. Build Software

If you’re skilled at programming, there are all kinds of IT business ideas you could focus on with your business. These include the development of mobile games, customization of corporate databases, or the intricate coding that sits behind global websites.

(Editor’s Note: Inc. Magazine ranked mobile app design as one of the 11 best industries for starting a business now.)

As a software developer, you may even be able to work remotely from anywhere in the world and still earn an excellent living.

You can see from this simple list that even simple IT business ideas can send you in countless exciting directions. Why don’t you share some of your ideas in the comments box below?

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