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3 Technology Marketing Tips for Communicating on a More Personal Level

3 Technology Marketing Tips for Communicating on a More Personal LevelWhat, get personal about building a technology products or services supply business? Absolutely! Moreover, fostering positive personal relationships as part of your technology marketing may be the one thing that allows you to beat rivals who offer the same products and services, allows you to lower your prices, or both.

This means moving outside the bits-and-bytes comfort zone. If immediately diving in face-to-face seems daunting, there are other ways to ease yourself into relationship building. Here are three suggestions for your written technology marketing communications.

  1. Humanize. Sign your letters and your emails with your full name, including first and last names. Avoid anonymous identities like “Customer Service,” unless you have a good reason to use them. Exploit opportunities to show your customers that your company is composed of human beings, with whom your customers can discuss their needs, wants, and opinions.

  2. Personalize. Remember your customer’s name and sprinkle it in your communications with that person. Automatically personalize any direct marketing or mass emailing, by using the “mail merge” function in office applications like Microsoft Word. Using your customer’s name once at the beginning and once at the end of any contact is a good minimum – use it more, if appropriate.

  3. Balance the “we’s” and “you’s.” People often appreciate a mix of interest expressed about them, and information volunteered by the other person. Make sure you don’t hog all the attention by only speaking about you and your company. As a rule of thumb, use at least as many phrases with “you” in them as there are with “we” (or “I”) in them. Go through your text before you send it, and count them.

Do you also get the level of humanization and personalization you want from your distributors? How could they do better with their technology marketing campaigns? Give us your views in the COMMENTS section.

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