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MSP Marketing Starts by Managing Your Marketing Mouth

MSP Marketing Starts by Managing Your Marketing MouthMSP marketing means understanding what customers want in terms of managed services, and organizing your company to provide those services.

But MSP marketing also includes communicating the happy state of affairs back to your market.

If you want to come across as credible and coherent, you’ll need to manage your “marketing mouth.” This is important regardless of whether your words are coming from you, your employees, or your website.

Mission Statement

Just as the name suggests, this is a brief description of why your company is in business. It must be written in a way that customers will appreciate.

As an example, “Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.” A mission statement needs to be short enough to retain customers’ attention. It must also be worded so that you and your employees are able to state it comfortably and accurately.

About Us

The footer on your sales proposals, website, and press releases frequently link to an “About Us” page or related section of the website. About 50 – 100 words is right for this type of page’s length. It will explain succinctly where your company comes from, what you do, and which market needs your services.

Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch is a variation on the “About Us” page that you can easily recite in the time it takes to go between floors in an elevator.

An elevator pitch includes a brief descriptive statement on the products/services you provide, the customers you target, why they benefit, and what positively differentiates you from other suppliers in the same market.

It might take you two hours or more to get your elevator pitch right. But in front of the CEO with whom you happen to be sharing an elevator ride, it should come across fluently, but without garbling, in 20 seconds or less.

How’s your MSP marketing mouth? Thinking of making a new mission statement? Write in which one you’d like to test in the COMMENTS section below.


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